Noir! #9 'A Tribute to Alexander McQueen.

Noir! #9  ‘A Tribute to Alexander McQueen’

With support from Harvey Nichols and Summerhall.

Dress: Smart

Tickets £10 (£5 advance)
1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1QH
0131 560 1590

Set in the grisly surrounds of 'The Dissection Room' at Edinburgh's exciting new Fringe venue, Summerhall (the former ‘Dick Vet’ building of Edinburgh University), Noir! returns with its most exciting project yet.

Alexander McQueen’s legacy of bold, brave ingenuity continues to inspire beyond the borders of the fashion world. Noir! #9 takes this opportunity to respectfully commemorate his burial on the Isle of Skye and celebrate a true genius.

FASHION /// Centered on a fashion show presenting a collection of exquisite womenswear and menswear from HARVEY NICHOLS, guests can expect a showcase of the best of the Scottish fashion industry creatives and models set within the context of cutting edge fashion, art, film and music.

FILM /// Also presented on the night will be two exceptional art installation films by award winning directors. Created for Scottish Ballet’s 40th anniversary exhibition, Daniel Warren’s Mercury enters a previously unseen, slowed down world of motion featuring dancers from Scottish Ballet. Dramatic high-definition sequences are interspersed with documentary glimpses of the intensive processes and conversations, which lead to the creation of movement. 

“Black” is an exquisite video piece by Chloe Coetsee, Black Coffee and Givan Lotz that accompanied the Black Coffee fashion installation at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York; it subsequently traveled to the Iziko National Gallery of South Africa. The film explores a journey of mysticism and ritual as reflected within the Black Coffee collection, South Africa’s leading maverick fashion designers.

MUSIC /// We're excited to announce special guest performance from Azti (Lipsync for a Lullaby), on Cello during the fashion show plus Harvey Nichol's very own legendary dapper doorman, and chairman of Leith Folk Club, Fozzie Sayers performing with ensemble. DJ support from Hobbes(Trouble/Limbo/Wonky).

ART /// On show will be a pop-up exhibition curated by ZWART Creative Bureau titled ‘(dis)ambiguation’. Featuring the work of three award winning young artists, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Ashley Niewenhuizen and Stephanie Richardson, the exhibition presents a collection of sculptural investigations that challenge genetic normality, investigate the fragility of form and identity and focus on each artist’s fascination with hybrid creatures.

Noir! is curated by its’ offshoot, the recently formed ZWART Creative Bureau.